ProSential Exchange is your solution to control mounting healthcare costs while improving the process by which your employees elect their healthcare options.  

Each year, employers face a reality of rising costs related to the health care benefits they offer their employees. To cut costs, business owners often are forced to play a balancing act of reducing coverage and increasing premiums and deductibles. ProSential Exchange is a solution to this problem – businesses can control their costs while employees can have access to more options and select a plan that best suits their needs.

The Affordable Care Act puts an additional strain on employers with constantly changing regulations and new compliance obligations. ProSential Exchange takes much of the administrative burden off of an employer’s HR staff and also reduces much of their risk. This enables employers, like you, to focus on your core business and more efficiently manage your overall costs.

Your employees have undoubtedly felt the effects of rising health care costs as well. Premiums have increased, and employees are often forced into a “one-size-fits-all” plan that does not meet their individual needs. They will welcome the flexibility and choice options they will receive under ProSential Exchange. Through an easy-to-navigate platform, they can browse plan options, with the assistance of an integrated decision support tool, and determine the plan that works best for them. Your employees will be better educated on the costs and options available to them and will in turn be able to make more informed decisions.

As an employer, you want to remain competitive by offering your employees essential benefits, but in doing so you may be frustrated with the increasing cost and time required. If you are seeking alternatives to the traditional approach you have been taking in administering health care benefits for your employees, contact your ProSential Pro to learn more about ProSential Exchange and how it can work for your business.

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