ProSential Group, with over 100 employee benefits advisors, can help you develop and manage the best benefits programs as cost effectively as possible in today’s environment. Our national reach enables us to serve local or national businesses with on-site consulting and support. By utilizing our vast knowledge and experience in the benefits business combined with the latest technologies and innovative plan offerings we can bring solutions to satisfy employers and employees.  

Benefits Needs Analysis
Before shopping the market of insurance companies, we analyze existing needs and help you determine the best path to take. With the huge expense of employee benefits, a large part of our analysis includes in-depth financial planning as it relates to your benefits programs. By gaining a complete understanding of your workforce, short and long term objective we can guarantee that your benefits program satisfies not only existing needs but has positioned your firm for the future.

Insurance Company Shopping
Based on your pre-defined needs we shop the market of insurance companies to find the best solutions to meet those needs. Our experience in the business provides the in-depth knowledge of all the large national insurance companies and their capabilities. Our national presence with offices and “feet on the street” in most cities throughout the U.S. gives us a comprehensive understanding of all the local and regional insurance companies and HMO’s that tend to have extensive physician networks that best fit your firm. If you are looking for self-funding, we access third-party administrators and reinsurers. With a large client base on a national basis, we have accessed and used hundreds of insurance companies. If someone has a good solution, we will deliver it for you.

Vendor Comparisons
The results of our market research will be presented in a thorough comparative analysis which highlights those areas that you have determined are most important to you.

Financial Analysis and Benefits Cost Optimization
Many factors impact the cost of your benefit plans. Some you can control, others you cannot. With the cost of benefits so high, we have developed many levels of analysis to address every cost component to make sure you are optimizing your dollars. Some of these areas include:

  • Benefit Plan Optimization
  • Comparative Claims
  • Predictive Claims Modeling
  • Benefits Benchmarking
  • Consumer Driven Health Plan Utilization Modeling
  • Employee Cost Sharing
  • Employee Demographics Analysis
  • Health and Wellness Assessment

Support Services

  • Employee Communication Material Development
  • Benefits Enrollment Assistance
  • Claims Resolution Support

Our objective as your advisor is to utilize technology in a sensible way to solve real business problems. Implementing technology that nobody uses wastes valuable time and resources. With dozens of technologies in the market and hundreds of vendors serving the HR and benefits technology market, we take a logical approach by understanding your internal needs, understanding your employee population and delivering what is best.

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