ProSential Group Solutions

Our exceptional portfolio of critical solutions and services is designed to provide our broker partners with enhanced capabilities and the opportunity for accelerated business growth.  Provide your clients with the option of a comprehensive single-source solution or a point solution for a specific challenge—including our full line of human capital management services.

ProSential solutions combine advanced technology, resources and expertise enabling your clients to choose the solutions and services that they need today — and the opportunity to add new capabilities in the future when needed. Our current offerings, include:


HCM Technology Services

Our HCM Technology experts will help your clients bring their unique Human Capital Management vision to life. By managing the full implementation life cycle and optimizing the best technology solution to your client’s specific needs, we can ensure that they are consistently getting the most value out of their HCM technology system.

Preferred Benefit Carriers and Vendors

ProSential Group Partners are provided access to an exclusive group of Preferred Benefit Carriers and Vendors developed by ProSential Group to drive efficiency, enhance revenue opportunity and add value for clients. Partners will have the opportunity to build strong relationships with high-quality, competitive vendors whose core values and standards live up to their own, differentiating themselves in the process.

Shared Knowledge and Collaboration with Peers

Our national network of benefits brokers leverage their collective strength and increase competitiveness by actively collaborating and sharing best practices with one another, both virtually and in person at one of our semi-annual conferences.

Employee Engagement

Strengthen client relationships by providing the employee engagement services employers must have to attract and retain talent. We provide a valuable suite of communication resources, such as decision support tools and mobile applications, that will help set you apart from the competition in this key area.

Compliance Services

We provide a comprehensive set of compliance solutions intended to keep your clients up-to-date with everchanging compliance regulations and ensure they are meeting all their compliance obligations. Our resources include, legal alerts, educational webinars, specialty compliance software, and more.

HR Services

We understand that while HR functions are vital to keeping a business running, managing day-to-day tasks or any projects that may arise can be overwhelming and time consuming for employers. With ProSential Group, you will be able to offer your clients a variety of HR services, ranging from on-demand access to HR expertise to fully outsourced HR processes.

Marketing and Client Communications Support

To maintain and grow your business, it is important to continuously market your services to clients. We will provide you with the marketing materials necessary to introduce your clients to new products and services, as well as further engage them with services they are already using.

Population Health and Cost Containment Services

Implementing population health services is increasingly becoming a popular way for employers to maintain a healthy, productive workforce while keeping healthcare costs lower. We have carefully selected vendors specializing in key areas such as, actuarial analysis, health advocacy and wellness programming, guaranteeing that your clients will have access to the solutions that will best fit their workforce.