Our ProSential Workforce Management solutions platform combines web-based technology and human expertise. 

Workforce Management was built from the ground up based on years of practical experience. Our goal? To create a system flexible enough to grow with your business. Workforce Management is robust enough to eliminate manual paper-intensive processes, so you can achieve a paper-free HR and payroll department. And Workforce Management gives your employees productivity-enhancing tools and all the information they need to perform their daily jobs. 

Achieving the real promise of HR technology—increasing automation and efficiency, reducing costs, and meeting the needs of employees—remains elusive for many companies. We help you identify and integrate the right HR technology into your organization. And we help you bring together the diverse information required to handle benefits, payroll, and more.


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Payroll is a critical core component of your organization. We help you make the whole process simpler and more streamlined with the power of our Workforce Management platform. Now you can automate labor-intensive payroll processes. Integrate information from various sources. Reduce errors and late filings. Achieve a true net payroll—instantly. And keep your tax filings accurate and on time, no matter how large or complicated your business.


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To meet your HRIS needs, we combine web-based technology with deep, real-world expertise. Workforce Management is flexible enough to handle a company of any size, in any industry. It’s scalable, so it can handle more and more employees as your company grows. A robust solution, Workforce Management eliminates inefficient, paper-based processes, enabling you to eliminate paper (if you’d like). Workforce Management for HRIS empowers your employees with new, productivity-enhancing tools and information.


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ProSential Workforce Management™ online benefits enrollment lets you empower your employees and increase their overall satisfaction. The secure and easy-to-use Workforce Management solution allows your organization to offer exceptional employee self-service. An enrollment wizard makes online benefits enrollment fast and easy. You can define online benefit enrollments for new hires, open enrollment periods, and qualifying events. And you can automate many aspects of the employee lifecycle, including online enrollment—saving time, energy, and money by going paperless.


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Time and attendance sounds simple. But often records accumulate at different sites, and involve different pay types and rates. By implementing the right time and attendance solution, your firm can save time, resources, and money while increasing productivity. With ProSential Workforce Management, all of your organization’s time and attendance information feeds automatically to payroll from multiple points of origin. Off-site employees can enter key time and attendance data via the Web. The result? Better, more accurate, more up-to-date data. All integrated in one system.


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ProSential Workforce Management takes the hard work and complexity out of the tedious task of managing expenses. Plus it ensures accuracy and reduces the opportunity for fraud by providing quick, transparent access to expense reports at all levels. By automating expense management, you can eliminate paperwork and save time and money across your entire organization.




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