What does sweeping healthcare legislation mean to your business? Our ProSential Pros are ready to guide you through the maze of healthcare reform regulations, helping you understand the implications of this critical and complex legislation. We recommend the best resources to help businesses, like yours, grow by saving time and money while eliminating risk.

Complying with the Affordable Care Act can be a daunting challenge. ProSential Group’s proven expertise in this key area lets us serve as your guide and advisor, helping your organization address complex healthcare issues. We provide our clients with a number of industry leading resources to thrive in this new environment.

Compliance starts with a complete understanding of the current legislation. To stay informed in the ever changing compliance environment, we provide guidance on the latest regulatory changes, a timeline of changes, checklists and relevant White Papers and documents. We also offer live educational webinars and a proprietary suite of tools to help you ensure compliance, reduce risk, and protect your business.

ProSential’s sophisticated Pay or Play Modeling Tool lets you explore different scenarios under the Healthcare Reform Pay or Play Mandate. We help you make an accurate assessment of the total impact of healthcare regulation on your business by factoring in all key variables – from payroll and corporate taxes to turnover rates. Working with your ProSential Pro, you can calculate the real financial impact of healthcare reform legislation - now and in the future. ProSential Group is uniquely positioned to blend our understanding of the law and your business into thoughtful well-reasoned recommendations and choose the right path ahead.

Concerned about the impact of healthcare reform on your organization? Wondering whether you should Pay or Play? Turn to your ProSential Pro for proven expertise, informed answers, and a clear vision – all based on the unique needs of your business.

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