Benefits are critical to attracting and retaining the best employees. And your mix of benefits helps define your company. This isn’t news to you. But offering and managing benefits can be very time-consuming and challenging, particularly as your organization evolves and grows. We can serve as an extension of your HR and benefits groups, offering expert advice—and managing many of the day-to-day operations associated with benefits. In short, we provide the support you need to streamline the administration of your employee benefits plans, from design to enrollment to ongoing management and adjustment of the benefits mix.  

Our Benefits Consulting helps your organization design and offer a mix of benefits appropriate for your company—one that maximizes value. We work closely with you to develop a customized benefits solution that chooses from best-of-breed offerings. In the end, we ensure that your employee benefit program helps your organization—and your most valuable asset, your employees.

Benefits Administration solution eliminates the burden of managing day-to-day benefits administration so you can focus on your core business. Managing benefits for your employees is getting increasingly complex, requiring more time and creating opportunities for costly errors. Studies show that employers are not deducting health insurance costs correctly for as much as 30 percent of their employee population. As another example of the potential issues of benefits administration, we found an employer that failed to add 10 percent of their eligible employees to a company-sponsored disability plan. We eliminate issues like these with a solution that boosts automation, reduces paperwork, increases accuracy, and enables online enrollment..

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