ProSential Payroll processing makes the complex simple, reduces processing time and decreases costs. In the world of payroll processing, there is a necessary flow of information on taxation, benefits, bond purchases, garnishments, tips and direct deposits. In addition, time and attendance records may accumulate at various sites, pay types and rates.  

With ProSential Payroll, all of this information feeds automatically to payroll from points of origin. Employees off-site can use internet-based screens for entering time and attendance data. The system tracks garnishments by vendor, and then prints one check with a list of all payers, eliminating the need for accounts payable involvement. ProSential Payroll automatically processes tips and can calculate unlimited direct deposits, earnings and deductions for each employee.

The ProSential Payroll attachment management feature comes in handy for keeping online copies of W-4 forms, including employee signatures. Using the system process wizards, you can make a checklist of how you process payroll and related tasks and automate that process. Users don’t have to worry about missing a step or making costly errors.

One of the key designs of the ProSential Payroll management solution was to automate labor-intensive payroll processes. By automating the wave of information in and out of payroll, ProSential Payroll greatly simplifies an increasingly complicated task while still protecting sensitive payroll data.

Payroll is a simple but a critical component for any organization. The ProSential Payroll system makes processing payroll easy with a true web-based, single database platform. But it’s more than that – with real time calculations, you can achieve a true net payroll instantly upon submission without having to wait for it.

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