Benefits Administration services will take the burden of managing day-to-day benefits administration tasks away so that you can focus on your core business. Managing benefits for your staff is getting more and more complex often resulting in costly errors.

In a recent study, we found employers not properly payroll deducting health insurance costs for up to 30% of their employees. On another occasion, we found an employer that failed to add 10% of their eligible employees to a company sponsored disability plan.

Administer benefits in less time and with better information than ever before.

  • Xtensia HR™ greatly reduces the paperwork associated with benefits administration, lowering the cost and time of managing complex benefits packages.
  • Reduce labor using electronic interfaces with third-party administrators (depending on group size).
  • Eliminate manual reconciliation of benefits standard costs.
  • Quickly determine benefit eligibility based on your pre-determined criteria.
  • Budget accurately by analyzing benefit costs.
  • Allow employees to self-administer their benefits package via an easy to use Web interface.
  • Link from Xtensia HR™ to the online resources of your third-party benefit providers.
  • Online Benefit Enrollment Wizard.
  • Online benefit enrollments can be defined for new hires, open enrollment periods, and qualifying events.
  • Employees can view current benefit plans through Employee Self Service (ESS).
  • Your organization controls the benefits information available through Xtensia HR™ Online Employee Self Service (ESS).
  • Automatic notifications through workflow system.
  • Display Employee and Employer Benefit Costs.

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