Friday, August 19, 2011
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Market Conditions
The employee benefits brokerage business is undergoing tremendous change affecting the overall competitive environment.

With health care reform, commission compression, continued broker consolidation, and new formidable competitors offering advanced technologies and services, business as usual is no longer an option.  
The Solution
By joining forces, ProSential Group Affiliates are able to respond to a changing environment where employers continue to look to outsource HR and Benefits and leverage technologies to simplify the administration of related business processes. By expanding capabilities and expertise and creating a national brand with deliverable products and services, Benefits Brokers and HR Consultants can fortify their competitive position while maintaining independence.
National Presence from Local Advisors



Marketplace Exclusivity 
  • Limitations on participation dictated by the population in that geographical location creates a distinct competitive advantage
  • Exclusive access to private-labeled products & services
National Presence
  • Expanded presence and credibility through national brand and aggregated marketing
  • Ability to create products and services delivered under a common brand
  • Lead generation through ProSential Group marketing
Expanded Offering
  • Access to technology and consulting services offered by HR Technology Advisors, LLC (HRT)
  • Access to educational tools and resources
Aggregated Pricing
  • Leverage with select suppliers and vendors for superior pricing and service delivery
Shared Best Practices
  • Participation in national community for sharing of best practices and case studies
  • Participant to participant lead generation
  • Opportunity for joint marketing and client work
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