Systematic Sex Based Discrimination

May 14

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In a recent EEOC settlement, a national oil drilling company must pay $400,000 to resolve an alleged systematic sex based discrimination suit. The EEOC claimed that the company violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by refusing to hire any women for their drilling platforms. The lawsuit claimed women who applied to the company were told that the company does not hire women for these positions. Various reasons were stated, such as a lac of housing for women and the assumption that women would pose a distraction to male employees.

The case was resolved the night before it was set to go to trial. The drilling company agreed to pay 5 women, they had refused to hire, a total of $400,000. In addition to the imposed fines, the drilling company must “change its policies, provide additional sex based discrimination training, post anti-discrimination notices, and provide detailed hiring information to the EEOC.”

Hiring discrimination is fairly common even 50 plus years after enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. According to the EEOC, the women involved in this systematic discrimination case were qualified for the job and were denied the opportunity to support their families and themselves exclusively because of their gender.

Click here. for the full news release from the EEOC.


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