For employers, choosing a partner to handle their company's HR, benefits, and payroll needs is an important decision. Too often, small to mid-sized businesses default to choosing a national firm or the next “BIG” thing, only to stumble during transition, fail to get the answers and local attention they need, or pay too much for an overly complex solution. By providing the service and flexible solutions that these other alternatives cannot, ProSential Group Partners position themselves as the smart, accountable choice for businesses. Here are just some of the ways in which we are able to separate ProSential Group Partners from the competition. Together….

We maintain a local focus, 

while having national reach.

Knowing the specific needs of our clients and being able to offer a level of service that is personal and trustworthy gives us the upper hand when competing with other HR, benefits and payroll service providers. That, coupled with the resources of a national firm, allows us to give clients what they really want – a high-quality HR, benefits, and payroll solution that matches their culture and integrates with their current processes.

We customize and simplify.

We’re able to simplify the most complex processes by focusing on the specific needs of our clients, then offering a solution designed to meet them. For us, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Providing expert technology, services, and advice help simplify such processes as, human capital management, handling payroll efficiently, eliminating compliance risk (and worry) and much more.

We bring it all together.

Our comprehensive approach integrates payroll, HR, benefits, time and attendance, benefits consulting, human capital management, employee engagement and well-being and more in one automated, single-source solution that’s easy to use and manage.

We help clients get the most out of their technology.

Self-service technology alone isn’t enough. We’re equipped to provide our clients with various levels of technology support. Whether that includes the smooth and efficient implementation of new services, or the optimization of an existing system, we can ensure it meets the needs of our clients from the beginning and throughout use.

We’re committed to a specific business market.

Focusing exclusively on the under-served small to mid-sized business market provides us with an added layer of expertise. We know this market and it’s needs inside and out, allowing us to offer our clients comprehensive solutions with the most necessary capabilities.