CRM Study Group


The CRM Study Group’s objectives are the following:

• Assist broker partners in maximizing the use of their Microsoft CRM System
• Provide ongoing training and support on how this can be done
• Build a community of users to share ideas and best practices
• Build knowledge of the value of add-on products
• Drive product development (feature enhancements)
• Work together to share cost of customizations
• Meet formally monthly
• Build greater connectivity through other methods 

Current ProSential Group Microsoft CRM Users

Advanced Insurance Agency
Aisling Partners
Bashaw & Atherton
BCI Group
Benefit Commerce Group
United Benefit Services
Hickok & Boardman
The Insurance Group
JHC Insurance Services
McClone Insurance
Morgan White Group
Northgate Benefits
Norton Insurance and Financial Services
Potomac Companies
Rampart Benefit Planning
Reaves Agency
TFA Benefits

CRM Training Videos

Use this link to view CRM training videos.  Use your CRM login credentials to login. 

CRM Study Sessions