ASO Study Group


The ASO Study Group’s primary objective is the following:

Providing education and coaching to help ProSential Group’s broker partners establish a protocol for transformation of their businesses from a traditional benefits brokerage to the delivery of an ASO service model (Administrative Services Organization).

Goals of the Study Group

In essence there are two goals within the ASO study group.

As part of the business model transformation, the first goal is to educate and then coach key decision makers at Prosential broker partner firms to help them fully comprehend the ASO organization model, and to become comfortable with the new role they would play with their clients under it. In addition, the study group would then assist in the actual transition process to the ASO model.

In the Prosential ASO model, the payroll, HRIS and time and attendance would be provided by and administered by our vendor partners. The Benefits administration and account management role would be provided by the broker.

The second goal of the ASO Study Group is to properly socialize the producers of these firms to their evolved role within the ASO business model. In this, the Study Group will provide ongoing coaching that will give them the confidence that comes with an intimate understanding of the model, a knowledge of the issues surrounding ASO’s, and fluency in discussion with clients and prospects about the benefits to be derived from working with their own ASO.

More importantly, there will be a focus on the transition of mindset that needs to take place with these individuals, from ‘brokering multiple solutions’ to owning their own ASO solution, and the business development mindset that needs to come with that.

For Purposes of the Study Group

With these two goals in mind, the study group will be broken into two tracks:

  • The Producer track that would focus on helping producers of Prosential Group member firms recognize the opportunities in prospects and existing clients for introduction of the ASO model for customer retention while gaining a greater understanding of their completion and their own offerings under Prosential Payroll & HR
  • The Principal track, focused on issues surrounding ASO Compensation for producers, how to setup the “Service Vision” using the Prosential Payroll platform, and best practice surrounding putting that in place for existing clients and new prospects.

LinkedIn Group Page

The ProSential ASO Study Group is also on LinkedIn.  Click here to join the group and the discussion. 

Study Group Session Topics 

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Date Topic Register Below
November 4, 2013

Session #1:
The ASO model vs the Status Quo: How to get there from here

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November 11, 2013 Session #2: 
Brokering Benefits vs ASO: the mindset and the meaning
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Monday, December 9th Session #3: 
To further your knowledge of what’s included and not included in an ASO, we will be discussing the following: - Recruiting – The practical and legal considerations of recruiting, with or without an ASO/PEO. - Onboarding – Compliance obligations and training requirements for new hires, what can an ASO/PEO actually do?
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Tuesday, December 17th Session #4:
To further your knowledge of what’s included and not included in an ASO, we will be discussing the following: Employee Benefits – Types of benefits in a PEO/ASO arrangements, enrollment considerations, continuation and privacy obligations. Performance Management – Methods for effectively managing performance, how can an ASO/PEO arrangement help?
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Monday, February 10th  Session #5:
Delivering the Service Vision under Prosential Payroll and Revenue models behind it How much can an agency handle in house?
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Monday, February 24th Session #6:
HR Support, Payroll Support and Your Staff: Who owns what? Delivery of HR Services- virtual, in person and hybrid approaches
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Friday, March 14th Session #7:
Better Understanding the Motivation and Needs of your Client (Finance, HR, Operations) to Tailor your Sales Approach
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Monday, April 14th Session #8:
ASO as a Sales Approach to “Building Your Book”
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Monday, July 21st 

Session #9: 
Be an HR Resource for your Clients

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